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LinkedIn lead generation - Level up your online networking and raise your profile by tapping into the biggest and most profitable business networking platform on the planet.  


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How To REALLY Use LinkedIn
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Linked55 is an online business community designed to help you with LinkedIn lead generation - get massive views and get in front of your ideal customers.  Here we show you how to unlock the potential on LinkedIn to drive more sales through social networking.  We're sure you're as fed up as we are with cold spammy pitches that never work, and might even put you off using LinkedIn.  If you think that's the way it is, or that LinkedIn doesn't work, then we have great news for you - you can create connections, cultivate a collaborative community and build your business in a friendly and ethical way.  We can show you how, we can do it with you, or we can do it for you.

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This is the "missing link" in LinkedIn lead generation you've been looking for. Gain the recognition you deserve and drive more sales though what's called "social selling." Get in front of your ideal customers ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.  If they're on LinkedIn it's because they want to grow their business just like you.  Form alliances, do joint ventures and collaborate.  Who knows where this could take you?

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 We can help you in 4 different ways: we start by giving you "what's working right now" training  which you can access whenever you like to learn how to boost your credibility, create a killer profile and become more visible than you've ever been before.   You also get invited to a FORTNIGHTLY "members-only" online networking event where you can pitch your business to all of the other members and we have a Team Topic discussion to stimulate the brain! We are then going to like, comment and share your posts so that you attract more eyeballs and look popular and busy [even if you're not!]  We have used LinkedIn TO FIND PAYING CLIENTS since it launched in 2002 and we want to share the best of what we know with you.  At the top levels of membership we will even go looking for highly targeted ideal customers FOR you and invite them to connect on your behalf.  We even follow up the ones that say yes is a non-salesey, trust-building manner. And if all that sounds like too much time and work, our Platinum membership means we DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU: posting daily on LinkedIn and creating promotional videos to boost your professionalism... 

Oh, and you can cancel your membership at any time [though you'd be nuts to do so.  Just saying]

Bronze £55 per month

Complete Online Training Course On How To Use LinkedIn To Get Leads [usual cost £1,196]

Fortnightly Members-Only Online Networking Meeting.

Half-price place on LinkedIn training workshops

One 40 minute Private Coaching session per month

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Silver £155 per month

All Bronze Level benefits PLUS

Membership Of The Linked55 Bubble - You Post On LinkedIn And The Members Like, Comment And Share Your Post For More Views & Visibility.

Free place on LinkedIn training workshops

4 posts edited for maximum effect every month

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Gold £455 per month

All Silver level benefits PLUS

Personal LinkedIn Profile Makeover Including Header Banner

55 Highly Targeted Connection Requests Sent Out Per Week

Accepted Invitations Get A Follow Up Message To Start A Conversation

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Platinum £555 per month

All Gold level benefits PLUS

ALL Of Your LinkedIn Posts Done For You 5 Days A Week

1 Promotional Video To Advertise Your Business Done For You Each Month.

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"Great community to be part of - everything you need on using social selling and marketing on the LinkedIn website. Taught me how to brand and position myself in order to get the most amount of views for the least amount for time and effort.  Worth every penny!"

Samantha Smith Sales Executive

"LinkedIn "experts" will tell you that to succeed with the platform you need to post content regularly and have a good profile. But what makes a good profile? What makes good content? Should you be posting posts or articles? Should you use video and/or images?  Not only are you shown WHAT'S WORKING NOW, you also get it done for you as all the members chip in.  LinkedIn in now the only marketing i do."

Gregory Wilson Accountant

"Although I’ve just started I have already had one sales meeting leading to a proposal request plus another lead ready to go for next meeting. Join this group you won’t regret it as long as you're willing to spend 10 minutes a day to win more business."

Robin Tunny Assistant Manager